Happy (Almost) 4th of July!

Nothing says summer like a Fourth of July cookout! My boyfriend’s mom brought this patriotic party platter as her gift to the dessert table…Thank you Mrs. K! Advertisements

Birthday Shoes

How fun are these?! Cheetah print heels in honor of my fashionista sister’s birthday…Happy Birthday Katie!

Go Redhawks!

Despite the fact that my kitchen is in a perpetual state of disarray (royal icing and flour EVERYWHERE), my parents seem to be enjoying my cookie adventure. In fact, I owe this order to my dad! He was telling someone about my site and next thing I knew I was making 18th birthday cookies for […]

Congratulations to the Class of 2013!

This has been a crazy cookie week! Seriously, there’s been ALOT of cookies. This batch was for a four person graduation party in Maryland. They’re off to the post office right now! Congratulations to Brooke, Anthony, Megan, Danielle, and the rest of the class of 2013! And thank you to the party host Liz for […]

Seashell Cookies!

These cookies found inspiration in the theme of my Aunt Carol’s next book club meeting: The Way of Saint James (a several hundred mile route through Spain). When we were trying to decide on a cookie design, she mentioned that scalloped seashells mark the path of the journey–thus these cuties were born! Whatever the symbolism […]

Pink Pearls and Tutu Twirls

I got back from my Maine vacation today and just happened to be at the grocery store when a friend called and said she needed a gift for a dance recital. Cookies beat flowers any day, right? I think so! She decided she wanted a pink dance theme with a few stars so I spent […]

Anchors Away!

These cookies were a gift for a friend’s confirmation party, where they added a splash of fun to the dessert table and made great party favors. They were a hit with the preppy party host!

One Fun Picnic

I had planned on making a few cookies for my mom on Mother’s Day, but somehow time got away from me. Instead, I made cookies for her to bring into her office a few days later. With summer and sunshine right around the corner, I went with a picnic theme! I have to confess that […]

Wayfarer Style

Even though it was a snowy day, I couldn’t wait to have a little summer fun with my sunglass-shaped cookie cutter!

Will you be my Valentine?

Surprise your special someone with a few cute cookies!

My First Cookies!

I am a longtime lover of all things crafty. This past December I attempted to try my hand at a Christmas tradition: cookie decorating. The decision gave birth to a wide collection of metal cookie cutters, scrapped icing recipes, and one messy kitchen. I have started this blog to share some of my creations with […]