Back to (Law) School!

Yesterday my parents dropped me off in Philly to start my second year of law school!  I couldn’t leave without making some cookies first though 🙂  While my kitchen at school is not One Cute Cookie equipped, I’m already dreaming up all the cute cookies I’ll make when I go home! Advertisements

Summer Fun

I have gotten to make so many cute cookies this summer. My new all time favorite cookies though: the PINEAPPLES!  They were so easy to make, and so adorable!  Best of all–they are mini!  Perfect for a bite sized treat 🙂  

Happy Birthday America!

There is nothing I love more than combining two of my passions: cookies and calligraphy.  These 4th of July cookies were SO fun to make for that reason.  This year, I even tried my hand at a cake!  The fireworks cookies were actually from last 4th of July–they were the favors for my sister’s Independence Day […]

Grad Parties Galore

No graduation party is complete without some appropriately themed cookies.  The past two summers have been FULL of graduation cookie requests–from high school to college to nursing school grads!  My favorite to make were the nurse faces–I just love her cheeks!

Belated Birthday Cookies

I love getting to make someone’s birthday extra special by making them cookies!  I’ve been busy with lots of birthday party requests lately–from Star Wars to Angry Birds to carousel cookies!

Ghosts of Holidays Past

Because I’ve missed so many holiday posts on here, I decided to put together some of the cookies I made for random holiday over the past months!  Enjoy–check out my bunny cake from this Easter!

Christmas in July

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I have posted anything on here!  Since you last heard from me, I have graduated from UConn, started law school, and made lots of cute cookies.  I’ll be busy updating the blog–in the meantime, check out some of the holiday cookies I’ve made while I’ve been gone!