Monkey Business

These cookies were a special request for an anniversary gift! Β  The little monkey faces areΒ my favorite (mostly because I love bows). Β I hope you enjoyed them Katie! Advertisements


Meet the new men in my life—The Queen’s Guard, cookie style! My (real) boyfriend will be spending the next year studying abroad in London, so naturally I had to wish him well with some baked goods. I’ll be sad to see him leave but am so excited for him to begin his new adventure across […]


A very outdoorsy friend of mine is spending his summer in Michigan competing in lumberjack shows! His mom wanted to surprise him with some cookies, so this is what we came up with! Thanks Linda and enjoy, Ben!

When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Cookies!

Cookie jars seriously make the cutest gifts—this citrus-themed dozen is on its way to Texas to surprise my grandparents! Make someone’s day by sending them a cookie jar of their own! Customization is always available and pricing starts at $25. Email me at for details!