Summer Fun

I have gotten to make so many cute cookies this summer. My new all time favorite cookies though: the PINEAPPLES! ย They were so easy to make, and so adorable!ย  Best of all–they are mini! ย Perfect for a bite sized treat ๐Ÿ™‚   Advertisements

Throwback to Summer

Becauseย I’ve been so terrible at keeping this little blog updated, I’m throwing it back to a few of the cookie sets I madeย this summer–the lobster may be my favorite!

Anchors Round Two!

I’m pretty much in love with these cookies. I mean, what’s better than monograms, polka dots, and anchors? I hope the birthday girl loves them as much as I do—Happy 17th Kels!

Seashell Cookies!

These cookies found inspiration in the theme of my Aunt Carol’s next book club meeting: The Way of Saint James (a several hundred mile route through Spain). When we were trying to decide on a cookie design, she mentioned that scalloped seashells mark the path of the journey–thus these cuties were born! Whatever the symbolism […]

Anchors Away!

These cookies were a gift for a friend’s confirmation party, where they added a splash of fun to the dessert table and made great party favors. They were a hit with the preppy party host!